Singulair Control Panels
Pictured above are the two most commonly used types of control panels for Norweco alternative
septic systems (residential use).  Panel on right controls basic functions of the Singulair system
tank including aerator operation and aerator alarm.  Three additional auxiliary alarms are installed
for additional features (e.g. chem check).

Panel on left has all the features of the small panel and integrated controls for a dosing pump.  
Dosing times for drip fields can be infinitely adjusted to suit your needs.  Auxiliary alarms allow for
additional features when desired.

Norweco control panels have a built-in telemetry device which uses the household phone system
to communicate directly with the monitoring, compliance and diagnostic database.  This means your
system will call Sonomex LLC if there is a problem.  If you choose not to use the built-in telemetry
system you can always call us if an alarm activates and we'll be out ASAP.
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