The Singulair system is the state-of-the-art alternative to a troublesome septic tank for
domestic wastewater treatment. Employing the extended aeration process, the Singulair
plant provides flow equalization, pretreatment, aeration, clarification, tertiary filtration and
optional chemical addition within a single precast concrete tank. The only mechanical
component is the fractional horsepower aerator, which runs at 1725 RPM and is certified with
a 30 minute per hour run time. The patented Bio-Kinetic device is an integral component and
assures that all flow through the Singulair system is equalized and completely treated.

Designed for domestic wastewater flows ranging from 500 to 1,500 gallons per day,
performance of the Singulair system is certified by NSF International and the Canadian
Standards Association. Sold only through local, licensed, factory-trained distributors, the
Singulair system is backed by Norweco’s fifty year warranty and exchange program. The
Singulair system is a trouble-free answer to domestic wastewater disposal and insures a
safe, sanitary home environment.
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